Why DMR not OMR
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In examination process, OMR has been previously known as an application that corrects answer sheet form using scanner machine. Many institutions have used OMR application for checking examinations like company recruitment, student examination, etc. But there are several reasons why OMR users should change their OMR into DMR:

Using flexible paper weight (80 GSM – 100 GSM). DMR generally uses 80 GSM paper weight. Paper weight should above 80 GSM. OMR generally uses 100 GSM paper weight.
DMR form can be printed with one-color mode. OMR form should be printed with two-color mode.
DMR form can be duplicated using copy machine OMR form only duplicated by printing machine
Using flexible stationaries to put a mark on DMR form. Pencil, ballpoint and  felt-tip marker can be used in DMR. OMR must use 2B pencil to put a mark on OMR form.
Data verification is easy because DMR processes form images and can be searched at PC. Data verification is difficult because it needs to search the form physically and manually.
Scanner’s price is cheaper than OMR’s scanner at equal specification. Scanners are very expensive.
DMR can process OMR form. OMR only processes OMR form.

Besides the above reasons, DMR also has another advantages:

1. Simple and Fast Operation

Design creation is simply a drag and drop object, DMR does not require any programming script. Everyone in the organization can use this technology easily with or without proper training. DMR processing speeds is faster than any of document scanner (2,500 pages/minute), the speed of your process will be depended on your document scanner’s speed.

2. High Level of Accuracy

The Form Processing technology is highly depends on form quality, image quality and scanner settings. If the form design & scanned images has good quality, plus the scanner settings is right, DMR will give you 100% accuracy. Rotated & skewed image will not be a problem for DMR.

3. DMR Supports any Operating System and Scanner

DMR can be utilized on win2000, XP and Vista. DMR can be operated also with any document scanners such as Fujitsu, HP, Canon, Avision, Miru, Kodak, etc.

4. DMR detects Bubles, Checkmarks, and Crossmarks

Put a mark with buble on a form will be left behind. DMR can recognize checkmark and crossmark on a form.

5. Scanner can be Utilized for Other Purposes

While idle, user may utilize the document scanner for other purposes such as scanning document into PDF and other things depends on  the available scanners and software.

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